Terry’s Message: Thoughts on the Times We Are in


ere we are well into this year and many are feeling the effects of the high frequencies that continue to move into the earth plane and into our bodies. The intensity is creating discomfort in the body for many and also bringing up those old patterns that we thought we had finished..., but here they are again! This is part of the breaking of the patterns that the human insists on clinging to because at the base, we are afraid of major change. It comes slowly and with much turmoil and resistance. We witness how hard change is by looking at the dysfunction outside of us. For example, our government stalemate that will punish citizens rather than find compromise and solutions by accepting change.

What can we do for ourselves at this time?

The most important learning right now is that we have to find our way by going inward. Looking outward for someone to 'fix' us is not going to do it any longer. This does not mean we can't work with each other, but it means we must understand that we are the only ones who can change ourselves. Whatever anyone else does to assist us is only that—assistance to help us do our own healing. The power to heal is inside of us, not outside, the power to change is ours alone. We can see practitioners for years, but change only comes when we go to the core,the place of light within, and find the truth of who we are. We are energetic beings who inhabit a body in order to be here on earth and walk the path we chose as a soul before we came in.

As I have said many times, at the core we know who we are and what we are here to do. It is the personality that blocks our purpose; our fears,needs, angers etc., etc.,. They exist because we are out of touch with the deep inner truth of our being. Most folks are convinced they are not ok because they identify with their problems, the beliefs and hurts from the past. Eckhard Tolle calls this the Pain Body. To move out of the pain body we have to detach from our 'story' and attach to the Lght that we are. "The Light that I Am flows through me and moves out into the world." When we can truly touch into this awesome truth, our negative thoughts and beliefs begin to diminish. Remember "what you think is what you become." When our thoughts are light filled, the negativity begins to dissolve. As we gain mastery in this, we are detached when the old patterns show up. We can just embrace them with love, knowing they are from the child self, and return our attention to the Light within. We know that we live in tumultuous times and the more we are centered in the core of ourselves, the easier we will move through whatever the unfolding evolution brings.

Deep blessings to all who read this,

Terry Attwood, Reiki Master, Cht. — terryreiki@att.net