W e are living in very troubled times and being challenged to stay centered and connected to ourselves and our Source. The country and the world are in ‘breakdown’ as systems are being challenged and manipulated by the powerful and the forces of evolution are streaming into human experience.

For many years those in the spiritual community have talked of this time and have been preparing to stay steady amid these changes and challenges. Our work has been to learn to live from the Center of our Being; to stay in the heartspace and come from love. We are challenged to see and feel from the heart and release our attachments to the human agreements that are cruel, unloving, dysfunctional, bigoted and dark.

To do this we have had to look inward to find these tendencies in ourselves and to transform these beliefs and behaviors in our own lives. That this‘call’ is to find the Source Light within ourselves and master our own shadow side so that we can be a clear and bright Light in the darkness.

Meditation, prayer, healing arts such as Reiki and community are important activities to take care of ourselves while sending healing, transforming Light into the world.

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Terry E. Attwood
Spiritual Consultant and Reiki Master

Terry Attwood—terryreiki@att.net